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Wibroinstal manufacturing and design company is a private business founded in 1985 and since the beginning of its operations has been specializing in the design and manufacturing of vibration isolators that ensure an effective suppression of vibrations and oscillations originating from machines and devices. In 1987 the company was awarded the title an Innovator-Implementer Unit for the implementation patented, cutting-edge constructional solutions of vibration isolators for mounting of ventilators, compressors and pumps.

In 2002 Wibroinstal wa the first company in Poland to have introduced a quality management system in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 requirements in terms of manufacturing and sale of vibration isolators. We have been a six time laureate from 2004 through 2009 of the Solidna-Firma Biała Lista consumers and economic program, held under the patronage of the European Commission. An exceptional recognition, which is an evidence of adherence to business ethics, respect for ecology and consumer rights is the awarding of a gold and silver Solidna Firma certificate to Wibroinstal. During the 2008 Kielce Trade Fairs we have been acknowledged by the Metal Processing, Tools and Machine Tools Fair for the GB-28 plate vibration isolator.

Our vibration isolators ensure a stable setting of machine tools, woodworking machines, presses, injection molding machines, ventilators, air conditioning and cooling devices, pumps, compressors, grinders, centrifuges, screening machines and other machinery. Constructional solutions of the products are protected by the Polish Patent Office. Vibration isolators manufactured by Wibroinstal are a setting for thousands of machines and devices. Effective and fault-free functioning and a high quality of our products are assets acknowledged by many domestic and international companies.

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